Visita dei soci AERS al vivaio Cactis

Per tutti i soci AERS:

il 23 aprile 2016 alle ore 15.00 non perdete la visita al vivaio Cactus, specializzato in succulente resistenti al freddo!

Il proprietario e socio AERS, Davide Contis, ci aspetta in via San Donato 88 a Minerbio (BO)


The Yuccas


One of the most distinctive plant families of the desert are the yuccas. They grow throughout the American Southwest, Mexico, and South America. Yuccas were always considered valuable by native tribes who used them for food, fiber, and soap-making. People still gather the edible fruits, eat the flower petals in soups and salads, peel apart the leaves for the long, tough fibers, and boil the roots to make soap. Though uncommon now, you can still buy all of these products in specialty market places.

Though there are 40 – 50 species, only a few are common in the Big Bend region.

Spanish Dagger

One of the most visible yuccas in this region is the Spanish Dagger. At 8 feet or more in height, it is an impressive plant. The leaves are long, thick, and very sharp so be careful when approaching them.

Giant Spanish Dagger This 21 foot Spanish Dagger may be the…

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Keeping Your Cactus Warm

cactus are cool

When I started this, we had had below freezing weather for too many days in a row. I lost count, but suffice it say I have worn my long underwear under my jeans to stay warm in and out of the house. I probably don’t need them in the house, but it saves having to dress and undress when going outside to check the greenhouse, walk the dogs, whatever. My little greenhouse has insulation, but when it drops into the low teens, like it will tonight and has done for several nights running, I turn on two heaters full blast to keep it warm.
Now those of you living in Wyoming and Minnesota and such aren’t phased by a puny 8 or 18 degrees; I understand that. I can hear you snorting and rolling your eyes already. But it is all relative. And still darn cold. And still an issue…

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