Opuntia-my love with spines

Opuntia. Lara



Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family. It is not very popular among fans due to the terrible spine and  glochids, that easily penetrate skin. The greater part of the Opuntias are easy to grow:???????????????????????????????

-place outdoors in summer

– protect plants from winter damage

– use classical soil for cacti (1/3 compost, 2/3 pumice, pearlite,lava and sand)

-plenty of water in the growing season when the soil is dry

-love and patience

Today I place some Opuntia  outdoors in the shadow for 2 weeks, protected from the rain and without watering (the minimum temperature is still low).I repotted my Opuntia brasiliensis – it is still in the greenhouse (likes  temperatures below +10° C).   Remember do not water succulent after repotting -wait about 1 week. Of course I remove some spine from my hands and make some photos.

My love with spines!


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